Monday, August 12, 2019

Regulation of cancer cell proliferation using siRNA tchnology Research Paper - 1

Regulation of cancer cell proliferation using siRNA tchnology - Research Paper Example The cancer stem cells are connected to maintain the unlimited and self-renewal growth capabilities of cancer while only consist of a small potion of the tumor. Consequently, cancer stem cells might be responsible for tumor progression, metastasis, and drug/treatment resistance development. Other studies have proved that small interfering RNAs (siRNAs) play a big on what genes are expressed or not expressed through gene silencing capabilities (Acton 47). Excitingly, siRNAs might provide some new perception into the complexities of cancer. These siRNA molecules could hold a huge potential therapeutically in the fight against cancer. This paper, discuses the functions of siRNAs and cancer stem cells and explain the link between these 2 topics. The paper also present methods to employ in current and forthcoming research to study the topics and expound upon different molecular therapy options that may have implications in altering cancer stem cells dysregulation and fighting oncogenesis. RNA interference is a key system within cells that assist control which genes get actived and to what degree they get activated. The 2 central RNA interferences are the small interfering RNA (siRNA) and micro RNA (miRNA). Both play a role in gene silencing. The siRNAs originate from procession of long, double-stranded RNA and target the miRNAs for degradation using full complementary sequences. Meanwhile, miRNAs are derived from procession of short RNAs hairpins and silence expression of gene through translational repression or miRNA degradation with partially complementary target orders. However, there is a more important difference. The siRNAs are regularly of exogenous origin, while the siRNAs are endogenously encoded. For this fat, the use of siRNAs has attracted many researchers because of their reliability and efficient application to developing therapeutics in combating diseases like cancer. The biogenesis of siRNAs has been studied and reviewed by

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